What routes are there?

There are several routes to comply with the endterms in the Regulations on Professional Practice Experience ('Regeling Beroepservaringperiode'):

- The integrated route. This is offered by Professional Experience Programme (PEP). PEP is a provider recognized by Bureau Architectenregister. You can also participate in the spatial traineeship via PEP. Please note: if you want to follow the integrated programme or the spatial traineeship, first check whether your diploma will allow you to be registered in the Dutch Architects Register. This way you know before you start whether your diploma qualifies. You can apply for the integrated program at the PEP.

- The independent (individual) route. The progress of your professional experience is assessed by an independent committee of your discipline. With the independent (individual) route, you are in the lead, so you are responsible for the course of your professional practice experience ('BEP'). The committee gives you feedback, tips and directions and follows you throughout your BEP period. 

- If you are graduated from the Academies of Architecture and Urban Design (Academies van Bouwkunst) you can be registered directly in the Architects Register. You must, however, enclose a statement with your registration request in which the Examination Board indicates that you have met the endterms in the Regulations on Professional Practice Experience. For graduates from the Academies of Architecture gaining professional experience is already part of the official curriculum. More information about this can be found on the websites of the Academies of Architecture.

The costs associated with the BEP or PEP are at the expense of the participant. If you are self-employed, you can declare the costs  as business costs. If you are employed, the employer can pay all or part of the costs. In addition, you can appeal to funds (such as the talent development grant scheme of the Creative Industries Fund NL) and a number of things are regulated in the Collective Labor Agreement

All similarities and differences about the costs of the routes from 2021 can be found here