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A precondition for participation in the procedure "Registration in the Architects’ Register under a different title" is that applicants are registered in the Architects’ Register on the basis of a Master´s degree or equivalent older degree within the meaning of Section 12a (2) of the Dutch Architects’ Title Act, and that applicants have at least seven years of professional experience in the field of the other title. The acceptance criteria for applicants are set forth in the detailed requirements for registration in the Architects’ Register under a different title (Nadere eisen inschrijving in het architectentitel onder een andere titel.)


Applicants must add a portfolio of five completed projects and corresponding references, among other things. These documents will be assessed by a committee of experts, who will then invite the applicant to present his projects and his views on the subject. Based on the aforementioned detailed requirements, the committee will determine whether the applicant meets the aforementioned additional criteria and will issue an advisory opinion to the Architects Registration Bureau with respect to the decision.



The fee for the processing of an application for registration under a different title has been set at € 1,100 (including € 65 registration fee) in 2018.

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