Architects Registration Bureau makes decisions with respect to registration applications, manages the architects register, and provides information with respect to the professional qualifications of registered architects as well as their title carrying right. As the competent authority at EU level, BA is the point of contact for professionals who wish to work outside the Netherlands, as well as the dialogue partner of the competent authorities in other EU Member States.

Assessment and recognition of degrees

The Architects Registration Bureau assesses and recognizes foreign degrees for registration purposes.

Establishing rules and accreditation of providers

The Architects Registration Bureau lays down rules for the professional traineeship and accredits professional traineeship providers, programmes, and modules. The Professional Traineeship Committee, established by the BA, assesses candidates who follow the independent route for the professional traineeship, and grants exception for previously obtained professional experience.

The Office also sets rules for the architect exam and the procedure for registration under a different title, and appoints independent committees.

Organizing special procedures

In addition to the regular registration procedure, the Dutch Architects’ Title Act identifies a number of alternative routes that may lead to entry into the register: the architect exam, the procedure for registration under a different title, and the procedure for the granting of certificates for special distinction. For these procedures, the Architects Registration Bureau performs secretariat and decision-making duties.


In addition to the above statutory duties, the Architects Registration Bureau has a number of legal powers, including the adoption of quality policies for appropriate continuing professional development, the provision of certificates for special distinction, and the authority to act against unauthorized use of title.