Alternative route to registration

No education? There are various possibilities to eventually register as an architect

If you don't have a (master's) diploma that qualifies for registration, there are several other (special) routes available to register in the architects' register:

  • Passing an examination.

  • Obtaining a 'certificate of special presentation'.

  • Registering for another title.

We further explain how these alternative routes can lead to registration.


If you have been working in the discipline for which you want to register for at least 7 years, it is possible to take an examination. This examination takes place once per calendar year and consists of two parts. In the first part, the examination committee assesses whether the candidate has sufficient design capability to successfully complete the second part, the 'real' examination. This first part of the examination is a conversation about three projects realized by the candidate. The second part of the examination is the actual examination: a thesis and the creation of a design, over which the committee conducts an 'examination conversation' with the candidate.

The first part of the examination takes place at the beginning of the year. The design assignment for the second part takes place in the autumn, lasts eight working days, and must be carried out at the Architects' Register in The Hague. The examination is at an academic level. The certificate of passing the examination provides access to the architects' register. The costs for the examination are €1,250 for the first part and €2,500 for the second part (excluding the one-time registration fee of €80 in the architects' register). After registration in the register, you pay an annual fee of €75. Registration is possible until 31 December of the year preceding the year in which you want to take the examination. The Examination Regulation of the Architects' Title Act specifies the criteria on which the examination committee assesses.

Please note:

The certificate of passing the architect examination is not automatically recognized in other EU countries

To be admitted to the examination, you need to submit the following documents:

  • A list of independently designed and realized works within the field of the desired title. This list must contain at least three projects that you have executed from start to finish. The list must demonstrate that you have worked as a designer for at least seven years in the field in which you want to take the exam. This seven years of experience does not need to be consecutive but can also be accumulated in different periods. However, the experience must be relevant to the respective discipline, and internships do not count. The works on the list must be accompanied by years, nature of the work, and clients. You must also provide a written declaration that the designs listed are your own. If the works were not independently designed, the list should indicate the tasks for which you were responsible.

  • If you have been (or are) self-employed during the mentioned seven years: an extract from the Chamber of Commerce.

  • If you have been (or are) employed during the mentioned seven years: an employer's statement indicating the period and nature of the work performed in employment.

  • A curriculum vitae, maximum 2 pages long.

Certificate special presentation

The Architects' Register has the option to grant a certificate of 'exceptional quality performance' to exceptionally talented designers. This means that someone can also be registered based on exceptional competence in the relevant field. The certificate entitles the holder to registration in the architects' register. For more information about this procedure, please contact us.

Registration under another title

The procedure 'Registration under another title' is only intended for those who are already registered in the architects' register but wish to be registered under another title.

Furthermore, a minimum of 7 years of professional experience in the field of the other title is required. This 7 years of experience must have been acquired within 15 years prior to submitting the registration request.

The Additional requirements for registration in the Architects' Register under another title (NL) describes the documents you must provide for this procedure. If you are admitted, you will receive an invitation to a meeting with the committee. This multidisciplinary committee evaluates your projects and vision of the profession based on the 'Additional requirements' and advises the Architects' Register on the decision to be taken.

The fee for processing a request for registration under another title is €1,270 (excluding the one-time registration fee of €80 in the architects' register). After registration in the architects' register, you will have both your existing and your new title and you will pay €75 annually per registration