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According to the law, we distinguish four different architects, namely interior architects, architects, landscape architects and urban planners

We are happy to inform you about what an architect does, how to become an architect, and what possibilities and education options there are to eventually become registered.

In the Wet op de Architectentitel, the basis for the Architects Register, professionals from four disciplines are distinguished: Interior Architecture, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urban Planning. This makes the Dutch Architects Register unique.

Traditionally, the distinction between these four design disciplines has not always been so clear-cut. For example, urban planners and architects often share a common foundational education, landscape architects sometimes work on urban planning tasks as well, and interior architects also have knowledge of architectural matters.

To tackle the major societal challenges, the professions are increasingly characterized by interdisciplinarity. There is growing exchange between the four design disciplines. Larger firms often have multiple disciplines in-house, and smaller firms or independent professionals regularly collaborate in networks with other colleagues in the field. Furthermore, a younger generation is increasingly collaborating with individuals from adjacent disciplines such as researchers, visual artists, and eco-designers. However, each of the four design disciplines does have its own training trajectory and specific areas of focus.

There are various industry and professional organizations that represent the interests of the four design disciplines. You can find interesting information through these organizations. They are listed below for each discipline. However, not all individuals registered in the Architects Register are affiliated with an industry or professional organization, and conversely, some designers affiliated with these organizations may not be registered in the Architects Register.

Urban planning
Urban planning

Industry Associations
For architects, there are several organizations in the Netherlands that represent their interests.
Through these industry associations, you can also find valuable information. Here's a list of them for you.