Staff, committees, exam boards, experts, board and advisory board



The Register of Architects has established a number of committees by or pursuant to law. These are four examination committees, a committee 'Registration under another title', six committees Professional Experience Period and an Objection Advisory Committee.

The Register of Architects supports the committees in the process, contacting candidates, scheduling interviews and sending invoices. Committee members receive compensation for their work.

Examination boards

The comittee for Registration under an additional title

Committees for the Independent Route of the Professional Traineeship


The Register of Architects has a supervisory board consisting of a chairman and two board members. They are all appointed by the minister responsible for the Architect's Title Act (WAT); the Minister of Education, Culture and Science (OCW). One of the board members is appointed on the nomination of the professional organizations and the other board member comes from the circle of those registered who are not members of a professional organization.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is composed of independent individuals who have an affinity with the mission, vision and goals of the Register of Architects. The council meets twice a year to discuss and concretize topics of the board and/or management. The council also gives solicited and unsolicited advice. Members receive a remuneration for their activities.

Together, we form the Architects Register, a strong team of passionate specialists.