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Garden and landscape architecture - NRE Eindhoven
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Garden and landscape architecture
Garden and landscape architecture -NRE Eindhoven
Garden and landscape architecture - Eemsdelta Campus
Garden and landscape architecture - NRE Eindhoven
Olympuspark Almere

What does a landscape architect do?

Landscape architects are responsible for the (green) space amidst the built environment. They make a significant contribution to liveable residential and working environments by enriching areas with surprising landscapes, parks, and green squares. They have a strong spatial imagination, are creative, and have knowledge of plants, shrubs, and trees. Moreover, they pay attention to proper water management, thus creating a green environment that contributes to the current societal challenges. If you want to have your own garden designed and landscaped, you can turn to them as well.

A landscape architect often coordinates the work of contractors, pavers, and gardeners to ensure that the design is executed properly.

Dutch Association for landscape architecture (NVTL)

The NVTL is the Dutch professional association for landscape architects and designers, with approximately 700 members. It is an open association where anyone who cares about the green design from garden to landscape can become a member. The members have committed themselves to the code of conduct established by the association. More information about the work of a landscape architect and the NVTL can be found on

Spatial Quality
Landscape architecture plays an essential role in creating attractive and functional outdoor environments that have a positive impact on the quality of life of individuals and society