General information

The professional practice experience ('BEP') is a period in which - after obtaining a qualifying Master's diploma - you gain professional experience under the supervision of a mentor. Here you find information on the following subjects:

- Duration and mentor
- Qualifying Master diploma
- End terms BEP
- Architect's Title Act
- Costs
- Routes

Duration and mentor
This period lasts approximately two years if you work at least 32 hours a week. If you work less, the BEP lasts longer. If you work less than 20 hours per week on average, you cannot participate in the BEP. Your mentor must work in the same discipline as you. He or she must also have been registered in a Architects Register for the same discipline for at least three years. Here you can find more information about being a mentor.

Qualifying Master diploma
Do you want to check whether your Dutch diploma can be entered in the Architects Register after the period of professional experience? Please look here.
For diploma approval or other general questions about a foreign degree, we refer you to the page 'I have a degree from another country.

End terms BEP
The requirements that all participants must meet after completing the BEP are described as end terms in the Appendix to the Regulations on Professional Practice Experience ('Regeling Beroepservaringperiode', only available in Dutch). This scheme is effective from 1 January 2015.  Here you can find an explanation of all 24 end terms for all disciplines.

Architect's Title Act
The titles 'Architect', 'Urbanist', 'Garden and landscape architect' and 'Interior architect' are protected by the Architect’s Title Act. You may only use these titles if you are registered in the Architects Register. The obligation to fulfill a professional practice experience is included in the 2011 Architect’s Title Act, which was revised in 2011 and elaborated in 2012 in the Regulations on Professional Practice Experience.

NOTE: BEP participants may not call themselves 'junior architect'.

The costs associated with the BEP or PEP are at the expense of the participant. If you are self-employed, you can declare the costs as business costs. If you are employed, the employer can pay all or part of the costs. In addition, you can appeal to funds (such as the talent development grant scheme of the Creative Industries Fund NL) and a number of things are regulated in the Collective Labor Agreement

Integrated route (PEP)

Independent (individual) route (BEP)

If you are graduated from the Academies of Architecture and Urban Design (Academies van Bouwkunst) you can be registered directly in the Architects Register. You must, however, enclose a statement with your registration request in which the Examination Board indicates that you have met the end terms in the Regulations on Professional Practice Experience. For graduates from the Academies of Architecture gaining professional experience is already part of the official curriculum. More information about this can be found on the websites of the Academies of Architecture.

All similarities and differences about the costs per February 2023 of the routes can be found here.