In the context of 'lifelong learning', following additional training or 'modules' during the BEP is mandatory. The independent route is based on a minimum of 2 modules divided over the professional practice experience period, more is always allowed. These modules can be filled in freely: training, workshops or courses. This could mean a module from the 'official' providers on this page; these modules are usually very specifically aimed at the (partial) attainment of learning outcomes that otherwise cannot or cannot be sufficiently met. Another training or course is of course also possible, to deepen or broaden your knowledge and skills.

If you want to check whether a training, workshop or course that is not offered by one of these authorities can qualify for the BEP, request this via your personal page. 

Providers of modules for the BEP:

  • BNA Academy  Association of Dutch Architectural Firms
  • TU/e  Eindhoven University of Technology
  • TU Delft  Delft University of Technology
  • BNI  Professional Association of Dutch Interior Architects
  • BNO  Professional Association of Dutch Designers
  • Bouwlokaal  Ondernemen for spatial designers

Providers of lectures, symposia, workshops and other events:

  • Arcam Architecture Center Amsterdam
  • Architour  Architour gives lectures and guided tours in various cities
  • Het Nieuwe Instituut  organizes lectures, conferences and other events
  • DSL  Dutch School of Landscape Architecture organizes symposia, lectures, etc.
  • The Berlage  organizes various lectures and other events
  • RCE  Cultural Heritage Agency
  • The Schip  Amsterdam school museum also organizes lectures and symposia
  • Heritage vote  newsletter in which the agenda, lectures, courses, etc. are published in the field of heritage