I have obtained a Dutch degree before 2015

A transitional regime is in place for individuals who have achieved a (Master’s) degree from a recognized Dutch educational institute before 1 January 2015. They qualify for registration on the sole basis of their degree.
For those who graduated after 1 January 2015 it is mandatory to gain professional experience before qualifying for registration in the Architects’ Register. 


Please complete the request for re-registration below and click on send. Then print out the completed form, sign it, and send it to us by regular post, accompanied by the requested documents.

Your request for registration will not be processed until we have received the requested documents for registration by regular post. 

If your degree entitles you to registration in the Architects’ Register, we will send you an invoice for the registration fee. After receipt of payment, the registration procedure will start, taking 3 to 4 weeks. In order to confirm your registration, the Architects Registration Bureau will send you an email with further information about your certificate of registration and your invoice for the payment of the annual contribution fee.


The registration fee amounts € 65. The annual membership fee amounts € 60 in 2019. In case of registration in the course of the year, the membership fee will be calculated proportionately.

Registration request

Personal details

By submitting this form you grant Architectenregister permission to send a yearly collection request to your bank, to withdraw the amount of the yearly contribution fee from your bank account corresponding to the mandate of Architectenregister. If you don't agree with this withdrawal, you can reverse it by contacting your bank within eight weeks. Contact your bank for conditions.
You only can use this form when your bank supports IBAN. If you don't have an IBAN number, please contact us: info@architectenregister.nl

Address details

Uw emailadres wordt ook gebruikt voor het versturen van facturen

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Required documents

- A certified copy* of your diploma.



* A certified copy of the diploma is a copy that is provided with an original hallmark stamp and signature / initials of the education institution, a notary or lawyer, or a municipality clerk. Unfortunately we can not accept a digital extraction of the DUO diplomaregister.