I would like to re-register

If you have already been registered in the Architects’ Register in the past, you may apply for re-registration. You do not need to follow the full registration procedure.


Please complete the request for re-registration and click on send. Your request will be automatically sent to us and we will send you an invoice for payment of the registration fee and the the annual contribution fee. If you were de-registered in the past for failure to pay your membership fee (default of payment), you will also receive an invoice for the overdue annual fee. You will not be registered until receipt of all payments due. This procedure takes 2-4 weeks. Once registered, we will send you an email with further information about your certificate of registration and your personal account.


Re-registration is subjected to a registration fee of € 80. The annual membership fee is € 65. In case of registration in the course of the year, the membership fee will be calculated proportionately.