Continuing Professional Development

Under Section 27a of the Dutch Architects’ Title Act, those who are registered in the architects register are held to keep their professional competence up to date by completing at least sixteen hours of continuing professional development per year.
Registered architects are responsible for compliance; the Architects Registration Bureau does not have the authority to check this. However, within the context of the obligation to provide information (please refer to: “Obligation to provide information") it is mandatory to prove that continuing professional development activities have been completed.
People who are registered for more than one discipline must complete at least sixteen hours of continuing professional development per discipline.

What is Continuing Professional Development?

The purpose of continuing professional development

Continuing professional development (CPD) is an instrument in pursuit of ‘lifelong learning’. The objective is to keep the level of understanding, knowledge and skills up to date during the professional practice. A registered architect may bring this into effect by, for example, taking part in a course, excursion, lecture, training, seminar, symposium, or workshop.

Based on their own need for knowledge and skills, registered architects are free to make their own choice from a range of CPD activities.

List of activities

CPD activities may be attended anywhere, in principle (in-company, at an educational institute, in the Netherlands and abroad). On the homepage of this website ("Continuing professional development agenda") you will find the list of continuing professional development activities that are known to the Architects Registration Bureau.

Known providers of continuing professional development activities ensure that their activity will be included in the website of the Architects Registration Bureau, and they themselves are responsible for the content. Activities may be added to the list daily.

Within the personal log-in area on the home page of the website ("I am registered“), registered architects have the possibility to register the continuing professional development activities that they have completed. This overview may be accessed in order to provide information to clients and other parties.

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The obligation to follow CPD applies to all registered persons, except for registered individuals who have requested to have their registration status reflected as "not professionally active". Registered architects may request updating their professional status within their personal log-in area. This status information is public.

The CPD obligation in the Netherlands also does not apply to the so-called service providers. These are foreign architects, urban planners, garden and landscape architects, or interior architects who are based in another country, and who operate in the Netherlands occasionally and temporarily. These service providers, however, are held to fulfil any CPD requirements in their own country  



Do you offer any continuing professional development that may be of interest to architects, urban planners, garden and landscape architects, or interior architects? Then we invite you to submit these to this website. You may contact us to see whether your offered activity meets the standards of appropriate continuing professional development. If this is the case, we will provide you with a log-in account with which you can add your CPD activity to the website. 

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