Use of titles

Anyone who believes that an individual or an architectural firm has unlawfully used a title protected by the Dutch Architects’ Title Act may report this to the Architects Registration Bureau. If it turns out, after a preliminary investigation, that the report is justified, we can urge the offender to stop using the title. If the offender continues the unlawful use of the title, the Architects Registration Bureau may take legal action.


Use of title by individuals
The use of the title of architect, urban designer, garden and landscape architect, and interior architect is legally protected and, pursuant to Section 23, first paragraph, of the Dutch Architects’ Title Act, is privileged to persons who are registered as such in the Architects’ Register. This also applies to the use of abbreviations and word compositions consisting of or containing these titles.

Use of title in/with an architectural firm name
Pursuant to Article 23, first paragraph, of the Dutch Architects’ Title Act, architectural firms are entitled to use a protected title in or with the architectural firm name if at least half of the directors is registered under this title in the Architects’ Register. An architectural firm that satisfies this condition may only combine a protected title in or with its architectural firm name with the name of a natural person (the name of an individual), if this individual is entitled to the carry title. The same applies to the combination of names of individuals with abbreviations and word compositions of or with a protected title.