Independent (individual) route

The BEP is a separate division of the Bureau Architectenregister. We help participants of the independent (or individual) route to obtain their professional experience certificate. For all practical questions on this you can reach us at the email address shown at this page. 

Questions about: diploma, application, invoices, registration: contactform or
Architectenregister: 070-3467020
Monday through Thursday, from 10 -14 hrs.

Specific questions about the Independent route BEP?  Mail to:

1. Individual route and costs
2. Meeting dates with committees
3. Application individual route

1. Individual route and costs
The individual route can be started at any moment. Roughly the independent route consists of 5 steps. Steps 1 and 5 are processed by the Bureau Architectenregister. After activation of your account, you are part of the independent route of the BEP. 

Step 1: Application + certified copy diploma + account
Step 2: Start meeting
Step 3: Interim meeting
Step 4: Final meeting
Step 5: Certificate + Registration in the Dutch Architectenregister

For detailed information we refer to the 
Manual independent route BEP.

In 2022 costs will be €1320,- or three installments of €450,- If a meeting is cancelled within one month before the meeting, or if you don't show up, we will charge you €160,- to cover the costs of this meeting. Possible costs for the modules are not included.

2. Meeting dates of committees
Every month, apart from the summer holidays, the committees conduct meetings with participants of the independent (individual) route. Momentarily meetings are taking place via 'Teams'. Requests for meetings should be done through your personal page.

There are 5 committees:
Interior, Landscape Design, Urbanism, Architecture A1 - A2.

POSSIBLE DATES 2022 (fully booked: bold text):


  • June 1                           June 1                        June 1
  • September 7               September 7              September 7
  • November 2                November 2               November 2
  • December 21              December 21             December 21

 ARCHITECTURE (A1)         ARCHITECTURE (A2                                    MAY

  • Monday 16                              Thursday 19
  • Wednesday 25                         .
  • Monday 30                               .

  • .                                                 Thursday 2
  • Wednesday 8                           Thursday 9.
  • Monday 13                               Thursday 16
  • Wednesday 22                        Thursday 23
  • Monday 27                               Thursday 30

  • Tuesday 5
  • Wednesday 6                            Thursday 7
  •                                                    Friday 8
  • Monday 11

                                         SUMMER HOLIDAY
    wednesday 31
    .                                                     thursday 1
    monday 5                                     thursday 8
    wednesday 14                             thursday 15
    tuesday 20
    wednesday 28                             thursday 29
    monday 3 
    wednesday 12                            thursday 13
    monday 17                                  thursday 20
    wednesday 26
    monday 31 
    .                                                   thursday 3
    woensdag 9                               thursday 10
    maandag 14                               thursday 17
    woensdag 23                             thursday 24
    maandag 28 
    .                                                  thursday 1
    wednesday 7                             thursday 8 
    monday 12                                 thursday 15
    wednesday 21                           thursday 22 

3. Application for the individual route


After we have accepted you as participant of the individual route, you can log on to the portal on your personal page. This personal page is private and can be accessed only by you, the Bureau Architectenregister and your committee. The page is used to store and exchange documents and to record your progress during your BEP. There you will find all the necessary documents, forms and manuals. Please read these documents carefully and follow the instructions!  For background information and all requirements we refer to the Regeling Beroepservaringperiode  (in Dutch only)


NOTE: For your application and your later enrollment in the Architectenregister we need a certified (paper) copy of your diploma. Send this to us by regular mail. Your BEP can only start after we have received and processed your diploma and you have been given access to your personal page.

Our address details are:

Bureau Architectenregister
Nassauplein 24, 2585 EC The Hague, The Netherlands

A certified copy is a copy with an authentic certification stamp and a signature of either  the educational institution or a notary. Or you can make an appointment to show us your original diploma. Unfortunately a digitally certified extract from the DUO cannot be accepted, because the specialization is not mentioned.