BEP — Independent Route

The Professional Traineeship (BEP) is a separate department within the Architects' Register. We guide participants who want to obtain their Professional Traineeship certificate through the independent route.

Various steps

The independent route can be started at any time during the year and roughly consists of 5 steps:

1 — Registration

2 — Online first meeting (via TEAMS)

3 — Online interim meeting (via TEAMS)

4 — Final meeting in The Hague

5 — Certificate presentation and registration as an (interior)architect, urbanist, landscaper

For detailed information, please refer to the Manual Independent Route BEP

Step 1 and 5 are handled by the Architects' Register. Upon activation of your account, you will have access to the portal of the Independent Route of the BEP.


The committees of the independent route conduct meetings with participants every month, except during the summer vacation. During the meetings, your Personal Progress Plan (PPP), logbook, and completed modules are discussed. Your mentor is required to be present at the first and interim meeting. You can request an interview via your personal page in the portal.


Modules In the context of 'lifelong learning,' it is mandatory to follow further education or 'modules' during the professional experience period. For the independent route, a minimum of 2 modules spread over the professional experience period is assumed. These modules can be freely chosen: training sessions, workshops, or courses. An advantage of taking modules from the 'official' providers is that they are usually very specifically aimed at (partially) achieving the final terms. This is not always the case with other modules. Of course, another education or course is also possible as a deepening or broadening of your knowledge and skills.

Providers of Modules

TU Delft

Providers of lectures, symposia, workshops en events

Het Nieuwe Instituut
The Berlage
Het Schip
Independent school for the city
PONT Academy


The costs for the independent route are €200 as of January 1, 2024, for your registration and €550 per interview. Additionally, the costs for modules are at your own expense. If you cancel a scheduled interview within a month before the interview or do not show up, we will be obliged to charge €160. More information can be found in the payment terms.


Here you can apply for the independent route, BEP. In order for us to process your registration for the Professional Traineeship and for your eventual registration in the architects' register, you need to send a certified copy of your diploma (on paper) by post to the Architects' Register. A certified copy of the diploma is a copy on which an original certification stamp and a signature/initial of the educational institution, a notary, or a municipal secretariat are placed. It is also possible to visit the Architects' Register with the original diploma.

Once we have received and processed all documents correctly, you can start your Professional Traineeship. You will also get access to your personal digital environment. There you will find all necessary documents, forms, and manuals. For background information and the requirements, please refer to the Regeling Beroepservaringperiode. (Only Dutch)

Questions about the content of the BEP? [email protected].