In which cases is professional practice experience not required?

You do not have to complete the professional practice experience period ('BEP') in the Netherlands to be registered in the Dutch Architects Register if:

- you graduated from a Dutch (master) program before 1 January 2015. A transitional provision applies to these graduates. These graduates can submit a request for registration based on the diploma alone, or;

- If you have a (master) degree in architecture from another EU country and you meet the (additional) requirements of the European Directive 2005/36, then you probably no longer need to go through a professional practice experience ('BEP') in the Netherlands and you can submit directly a request for automatic recognition / registration. Here you can read which diplomas and certificates are eligible for automatic recognition, or; 

- If you have a non-EU diploma and have demonstrably professional practice experience (with a certificate), you may be eligible for exemption. You can then submit a request for exemption to the BEP-committee. If you want to make use of this, please send an e-mail to