Registration under a different title

The procedure 'Registration under a different title' is for people who are already registered in the architects register and wish to be registered (once more) under a different title

Professional experience

A minimum of 7 years of professional experience in the field of the other title is also required. These 7 years of experience must have been gained within 15 years prior to submitting the application for registration.

Nadere eisen inschrijving in het architectenregister onder een andere titel (NL) describes the documents you must provide for this procedure. If you are admitted, you will receive an invitation to a meeting with the committee. This multidisciplinary committee will assess your projects and vision of the profession on the basis of the 'Further Requirements' and advise the Architects' Register on the decision to be taken.

The fee for processing a request for registration under a different title is € 1,135 (excluding the one-time registration fee of € 80 in the Architects' Register ). After registration, you will have both your existing and your new title at your disposal and you will pay an annual fee of € 75 per title.