Certificate Special distinction

In exceptional cases, the Architects’ Registration Bureau may grant a Special Distinction Certificate to exceptionally talented architects, which certificate will qualify for registration in the Architects’ Register. 

The requirements for this certificate are quite significant and are as follows:

  • an intensive professional practice for at least 10 years;
  • size and scope of the professional practice are - or have been - adequate to ensure that, through training in that practice, the required knowledge, abilities, skills and views have been acquired in order to perform as an architect who particularly distinguishes himself from his colleagues by his professional performance;
  • the exceptional level of the applicant's work is mentioned more than once in professional journals
  • the professional community observes the work of applicant as being of great significance to the field;
  • The work carried out independently by the applicant is of an outstanding level, demonstrates an autonomous view on spatial design (original identity) and demonstrates that the applicant possesses the required conceptual capacity as well as the necessary design skills.



You may apply for a certificate for yourself or for someone else. The request must be supported by documentation and examples of the accomplished work. Before deciding on an application for a certificate, the Architects Registration Bureau will consult a committee of experts. This committee will assess the application on the basis of the aforementioned criteria, and will issue an advisory opinion to the Architects Registration Bureau with respect to the decision.



The processing fee for applications for issuance of a certificate in 2018 has been set at € 1,250.

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