People who do not meet the requirements for registration in the Architects’ Register may take the architect exam. An admission requirement to the exam is that applicants have obtained at least seven years of relevant professional practice experience as architects in the discipline concerned. 


The exam takes place once a year and consists of two parts. In the first part, the examination board will evaluate the experience on the basis of projects accomplished by the candidate. Candidates who pass this first part of the exam will be invited to the second part, consisting of a thesis, production of a design, and an oral exam by the Examination Board.

The first part of the exam takes place in spring. The design assignment of the second part takes place in autumn, will take eight days, and must be carried out in The Hague. The exam has an academic level. The certificate confirming that the exam has been passed successfully will qualify for registration. 

More information about the architect exam can be found in the Examination regulations under the Dutch Architects´ Title Act 

Registration for the exam is open until 31 December of the year preceding the year in which you wish to take the exam. You may sign up by using the form below. After clicking on "send", you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Please print out this e-mail, sign it, and send it to us by regular post, accompanied by the requested documents. 


The exam fee amounts to € 1,250 for the first part and € 2,500 for the second part (2018 fee).

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