Reporting unlawful use of title

The Dutch Architects’ Title Act prescribes that only persons who are registered in the Architects’ Register as architect, urban planner, garden and landscape architect, or interior architect are entitled to carry the corresponding title(s).
The same applies to the use of abbreviations and word compositions of/with these titles such as architecture, interior architect(ure), and garden architect.
Also being listed in directories and guides using a protected title (or an abbreviation or word composition of/with a protected title) in the heading, such as the list of architectural firms in the Telephone Directory, implies that the title is being used.
Please note! Unlawful entries occur regularly. Before you engage an "architect", please check whether he/she is registered in the Architects’ Register. When in doubt, please contact us.

Anyone who believes that an individual or an architectural firm has unlawfully used a title that is protected by the Dutch Architects’ Title Act may report this to the Architects Registration Bureau. Offenders will then be urged to stop using the title. If the unlawful use of the title continues, legal proceedings may be instituted. The court may impose a penalty sum to enforce discontinuation of the unlawful use of title. Each registered architect is at liberty to urge offenders to stop using the title or to bring the case before court. The Architects Registration Bureau may provide advice in this respect.