The Office is entrusted with the daily performance of the duties of the Architects Registration Bureau. The Office is managed by the director, whose authorities are laid down in the Management Charter.

The people at our office:

  • Ms. M. (Mirjam) del Canho MRE, director;
  • Ms. M.N. (Mylenka) Evers-Schneiders;
  • Mr. R.C. (Rob) van der Elst;
  • Ms. M.L. (Marilou) Remmelts MSc, professional traineeships;
  • Ms. J. (Julia) van der Veen;
  • Ms. R. (Renske) Watt-Popma.                          


The Board

The Board is responsible for carrying out all the duties assigned to the Architects Registration Bureau by or pursuant to the Dutch Architects’ Title Act or resulting therefrom. The Board is also responsible for the proper functioning of the Office. The Board is appointed by the Minister of Housing and Civil Service of the Dutch Ministry of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations. The mode of operation for the Board is governed by the Management Regulations.  

The Board consists of:

  • Ms. A.M.J. Rijckenberg MA, President;
  • Mr. H. Post MSc, Vice President;
  • Mr. H.J. Döll MSc, Treasurer.


The examination committee for architects consists of:

  • Mr. ir. M.A.W. Spaan, voorzitter;
  • Mr. R.H.W. Hootsmans;
  • Ms. ir. A. Snijders;
  • Mr. ir. P.A.M. Kuitenbrouwer;
  • Ms. N. Huibrechtse.

The examination committee for urbanists consists of:

  • Ms. ir. P.J. Sala, voorzitter;
  • Ms. ir. M.M. Peters;
  • Mr. M.G.A.D. Harteveld.

The examination committee for garden and landscape architects consists of:

  • Ms. dr. I. Duchhart, voorzitter;
  • Mr. ing. R.J. de Koning;
  • Mr. ir. R.A.A.J. Aben.

The examination committee for interior architects consists of:

  • Mr. W.A. van Straten;
  • Mr. J.W.P. Maréchal;
  • Mr. W.S. Ros.

The cross-over comittee consists of:

  • Mr. C.M.J.G. Spanjers;
  • Mr. ir. A. Fien;
  • Ms. ir. J.E. Korpershoek;
  • Mr. drs. D. Werner;
  • Ms. ir. S. Karres.