Unlawful use of the title

The Architects Registration Bureau takes legal action against individuals and architectural firms who use a protected title in breach of this Act, or who use a word composition with or an abbreviation of this title with or in combination with their (architectural firm) name.
Legal action may also be taken against individuals who wrongfully profile or present themselves as a professional using a title protected by the Dutch Architects’ Title Act.

Anyone who believes that an individual or an architectural firm has unlawfully used a title protected by the Dutch Architects’ Title Act may report this to the Architects Registration Bureau. If it turns out, after a preliminary investigation, that the report is justified, the offender shall be urged to stop using the title.

If the offender continues the unlawful use of the title, the Architects Registration Bureau may take legal action. The court may impose a penalty sum to enforce discontinuation of the unlawful use of title.

All reports are treated confidentially, which means that the reporting person remains anonymous. Each registered architect is free to urge offenders to stop using the title or to commence legal proceedings. The Architects Registration Bureau may advise you in this respect.